Friday, 1 April 2016

Swimming Sports!!

Swimming Sports!!As I dived into the water I felt goosebumps running down my arms. Hoping that I might beat someone and get a place 1st 2nd or 3rd.When I flopped  out of the water I felt my soaking legs touch my wet towel. I was aware that my food would turn all soggy if I eat because of my pruney fingers but my hunger would never die down.As I sat on the stale towel I glared at the swimmers race down the lanes. They swam so fast my eyes couldn't keep up. I sat there for awhile and then I was certainly ready for dive for a stone. I grabbed the stone and headed for the surface I came about 7th climbing out of the pool was hard but I got out through the ladder I was even more wet than before I saw water coming out of my fingers like mini rain drops.I sat down once again for the class relays and we won by a lot and the I heard the crowd cheering like mad so thrilled about the house relays.The house relays are on I was so happy for all my friends in it I saw them dip into the pool and swim off the crowd for cheering like crazy for their kid to win and I forget who won but it was so much fun I can’t wait for swimming sports next year!!By Becs ;)

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